You don't have to admire the political record of the former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, to appreciate Meryl Streep's virtuoso performance in 'The Iron Lady.' Rarely has such an instantly identifiable Hollywood film star disappeared so completely into a role as challenging as this one.

    The film portrays a Margaret Thatcher long past her prime; retired from public life, grappling with dementia, struggling to determine if the husband with whom she so affectionately bickers is real or just a ghost.





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Walking Dead pilot in black and white

Fans of the Walking Dead are to receive a special treat as the show's pilot is to be re-shown in black and white, according to reports. The unusual alternate version of the first show is to pay homage to the Robert Kirkman comic book series that it is based on, which is rendered in black and white.

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Ben Montague

It will not be too much of a leap to believe that this Kentish singer’s second crack at a music career may lead to rich rewards. You can be forgiven for asking, who is Ben Montague? But had things been different for the Kentish singer back in 2010, few would have to pose the question.

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Agents & Managers:

A Profile of Primary Talent International.

Primary Talent was formed in 1990 from the result of a merger between two existing agencies (Station Agency and World Service). The result has been to produce one of the most prolific and contemporary music booking agencies in Europe.

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Is the circus a dying entertainment?

It has now been 21 years since the European Circus Festival in Liège was launched, and although it was a daring venture to begin with, it has become a resounding success for Stefan Agnessen. And as the years have gone by, this festival has become the biggest current traditional festival in Belgium.

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