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STAGESTEPS is a new kind of entertainments magazine with a totally new attitude. Its principal focus is to combine the theatre, dance, music and film industries into one complete package, and it aims to increase the knowledge and awareness of the combined entertainments industry for those who are already performing in it, or are looking to do so.

Creatively, STAGESTEPS has taken on a style and image all of its own, giving the magazine a fresh and radical edge and aims to be at the vanguard of entertainments magazine design. The concept is to create a look that will take the entertainment press well into the twenty first century.

Editorially, STAGESTEPS focuses on the latest theatre, dance, music and film news; theatre, dance and music school profiles; reviews and previews; regular lighting and sound features; and celebrity and venue profiles. STAGESTEPS will also seek out and publish anything which will be of interest to the up - and - coming music artist who is on the verge of, or seeking to be discovered by a major record label.

But above all else, STAGESTEPS will provide you with the complete editorial package with in - depth knowledge and commitment, developing a strong and personal relationship with its readers. This will undoubtedly provide an effective platform from which an advertiser can more precisely address the marketplace; making STAGESTEPS the most effective place to advertise.

As a new kind of entertainments magazine, and in keeping with its concept of breaking new ground, STAGESTEPS has developed a ‘dual’ targeting systems which directly addresses two distinctly separate sections of people who are interested in the entertainments industry.

Initially, STAGESTEPS will reach actors, dancers and musicians; theatre directors and producers; theatre managers; lighting and stage managers; theatre and dance principles; and everyone who is in a position to make important buying decisions.

In this regard, STAGESTEPS will be targeted towards everyone who is interested in going to see theatre, dance or music productions. It will also reach students of the arts;  those who are involved in, or interested in amateur dramatic societies; and the parents of youngsters who are looking to develop a career in dance and theatre.

Additionally, as a part of its ‘dual’ targeting, STAGESTEPS magazine will be for young people who are interested in producing good music and developing their careers to the point of real success, studio engineers, musicians and record producers. These are loyal and dedicated readers whose interest goes much further than their basic love of music

And because of its ‘dual’ targeting system, STAGESTEPS will reach a wide age bias of readers. But the principal factor is that each reader has shown a particular interest in the magazine’s contents. They also fit largely within the ABC1 profile, making them a most desirable market sector

And without doubt, STAGESTEPS has developed into becoming the principal magazine for the entertainments industry.

Regular theatre, dance and music news from around the country will be published in
each edition of STAGESTEPS. Some additional overseas news will also be published
as and when received

There will be a regular eight (8) page section of theatre, dance and music school
highlights, combining both editorial material on selected schools with a selection of
advertisements that will compliment the section

Each issue of STAGESTEPS will carry regular reviews of theatre, dance and music
productions from both West End and regional venues. Additionally, a selected number
of previewed productions will also be published.

Well known personalities and celebrities from the world of dance, theatre and music
will be featured on a regular basis. From time to time the occasional screen personality
will also be featured

Because the lighting and sound industry is so important to the entertainments field,
STAGESTEPS will regularly focus editorially on companies who are at the vanguard
of the industry. Each issue will devote at least two pages to these companies who help
to make stagecraft a more professional art form.

Both major London and regional theatre, dance and music venues will be regularly
featured in each edition of STAGESTEPS. The main objectives is to give our readers
a much greater understanding of the various entertainment venues they have been
supporting over the years.

Regular editorial features on the equipment and manufacturing companies who
provide the machinery for both experienced and up- and- coming artist to make their

A record company will be selected and profiled in each issue of the magazine. The
choice of companies will range from majors, to medium and small independent

A struggling unknown artist with a real talent will be selected and ‘spotlighted’
in each issue of    the magazine. This is designed to help the artist to get noticed
by the industry and, hopefully, help to launch their carrier.

































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