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Stage Steps Magazine is the only publication in the United Kingdom which specifically caters for the performing arts and the entire performance industry. Stage Steps carries news and features about the performance industry, celebrity profiles, lighting and sound, film and television, and a wide variety of performance information. Stage Steps also publishes a comprehensive section on courses and tuition (on all aspects of the performing arts), which is a service that no other magazine provides.

Using Stage Steps as an advertising tool will allow theatre, dance, music and lighting and sound companies to specifically target and reach a unique and specialist sector within Britain's population. Britain is largely regarded as the leading country for the performing arts, and Stage Steps will provide advertisers with the primary vehicle available to help them reach that market.

Stage Steps is perfect for those individuals and organisations wishing to reach this sector, and is the only magazine in Britain that can make that promise. The Stage Steps advertisement rates are not particularly expensive (a media information pack is attached), and the advertisement team are always willing to listen to serious and realistic offers.

If you are genuinely interested in placing an advertisement in either the Stage Steps magazine, or on the Stage Steps website, then give us a call on 0844 247 1492 and ask for Cass Gilroy, or send us an email on're waiting for your call!

Online Rates

The Stage Steps website is the primary online means of specifically reaching companies and organisations that operate within the performing arts environment and individuals who have a specific interest in the performing arts community. The rates listed below are specifically designed to enable companies and organisations to take full advantage of this largely untapped sector.

Advertising on the Stage Steps website is very simple and effective. There are three (3) specific types of banner advertising – static, interactive, and a special commercials window – and four (4) different banner (link) sizes. A Stage Steps website banner advertisement will:

  • Provides a guaranteed specialist and unique traffic
  • Provides great value for your media spend
  • Specifically targeted advertisement positions
  • Specialist and niche market brand association.


Top Banner:                                                                £     80 per week (min 4 weeks) 
Bottom Banner:                                                               100 per week (min 4 weeks)
Large Box Link:                                                                 65 per week (min 4 weeks) 
Large Box (static):                                                           45 per week (min 4 weeks)
Half Box Link:                                                                    35 per week (min 4 weeks)
Half Box (static):                                                               25 per week (min 4 weeks)
Commercial Window:                                                   150 per week (min 4 weeks)                    

                                       Sizes Specifications

Top Banner:                                                                        82mm (310px W) x 30mm (115px D)
Bottom Banner:                                                               193mm (730px W) x 25mm ( 95px D)
Large Box:                                                                          69mm (290px W) x 61mm (230px D)
Half Box:                                                                              69mm (290px W) x 30mm (115px D)
Commercial Window:                                                    165mm (625px W) x 98mm (370px D)

The minimum period for advertising on the Stage Steps website is four (4) weeks, and the maximum period is one (1) year (or 52 weeks). We pay a standard 10% agency commission, and a maximum 20% client discount for a full year's bookings.

Affiliates Sales Programme

The Stage Steps affiliate programme provides associated websites and sales consultants with the opportunity to offer advertisement space in the printed Stage Steps magazine, and on the Stage Steps website. By taking advantage of this affiliate programme consultants and websites can earn commission every time someone buys a space. The affiliate programme is very easy to set up, with the simple requirement of registering your “affiliate” status with us, supply us with your full contact details, and you are ready to start earning commission on your advertisement sales.

Stage Steps is the only publication in Britain (and Europe) which specifically combines all aspects of the performance arts discipline into one package. As a printed magazine, it has been published since 2002, and it has developed a staunch and loyal readership of more than 30,000, which is a combination of news stand sales and subscriptions.

The printed Stage Steps magazine is published every two months and affiliates will have six (6) chances to earn commission. However, the Stage Steps website is ongoing and affiliates will be able to earn commission on a continuous basis.

Earn Fantastic Commissions:
With our affiliate programme, you can earn up to 20% commission on all sales generated through your website, or through your own personal endeavours. We like to develop very good customer relations with our advertisers so we would expect advertisers to repeat their previous bookings, and this will mean that you will be able to earn commission on your repeat sales. This will also mean that there is no limit to how much commission you can earn; the more you sell the more you will earn!

Affiliate Contact:
We have a dedicated Affiliates Manager at Stage Steps so if you have any questions about the programme before you make your decision then please do not hesitate to contact them. You can email your enquiries to: Remember, you can earn 20% commission on our affiliates sales programme!

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