Love & Relationships
Venus and the Sun will be right in the sign of Aquarius. Venus is the planet of love and of good understanding, and the Sun is the ruler of Aquarius' house of couples. The configuration promises peace and harmony, it promises to boost the capacity to seduce and the sentimental availability, and provides opportunities and happy events. 
February 2013 is a wonderful period to meet the partner you've been dreaming of, to spend delightful moments with the dear one, to accomplish things together, to light the fire of passion again, to make up and experience romantic interludes. 

The greatest period will be the first part of February 2013, which will be under the lucky influences of the trine between Venus (the Lesser Benefit) and Jupiter (the Greater Benefit). Jupiter will be in Aquarius' house of eroticism, adventure and free love, which will make the trine even more valuable. 

The superb planetary configuration in February 2013 will create an almost perfect climate for love and marriage. The only disturbances can be caused by some issues related to money or career - money especially when it comes to
free relationships, career when it comes to old, stable or official relationships.

Career & Finance
A successful month! With the Sun in the sign of Aquarius, in February 2013 you'll shine, stand out, receive praise for your talents, you'll manifest leading or organizing qualities. You might even reach a dais of honour, end up with a medal, a title, a degree, or receive public applause. 

Venus will also be in Aquarius, and its charm will bring along chance and nice, profitable contacts. Venus proves to be favourable to collaborators and relationships with colleagues and clients; it will facilitate meeting helpful people and will help with boosting popularity. Generally speaking, February 2013 will be very appropriate to promoting the image, the brand. 

Artistic or intellectual preoccupations will bring satisfactions. Really auspicious circumstances could come in the first deaconate. From the financial point of view, in February 2013 you'll get involved, you'll have
initiative, you'll struggle to make more money, you'll have an impulse towards transactions. You can earn good money if you don't take any risks, if you negotiate clearly, if you keep thorough record of your papers, it you stay away from ambiguous or illegal business and if you don't spend on pleasures more than you should. Otherwise, you might lose. 

Fitness & Morale
You'll be in a great shape! You'll overflow with energy and you'll have high morale. 

February 2013 will be a month of joy, socializing and fun. Who has time for diseases now? 

However, try not to give in to temptations completely and to exercise regularly!

Advice for Aquarius in February 2013

Enjoy the month February 2013 fully! It'll be your month.



































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