Love & Relationships
February 2013 will be a nice month. Not necessarily passionate, but rather cheerful, harmonious, generous. Venus (the planet of couples and for Aries, the ruler of the house of relationships) will be in Aquarius, in a bright area of the horoscope, which favours entertainment, conspiracies, communication, future plans, progress.
The trine that Venus will make with Jupiter in Gemini promises an accomplishment related to a relationship or a positive event: you'll meet somebody new, you'll have a date, a discussion, a piece of information or a piece of news that will impact your sentimental life beneficially. 

The astral configuration of February 2013 will emanate a wish for something refreshing and openness to the new, which will urge to experiments and will stimulate sentimental ingenuity. Unexpected events, surprises and changes of plans will make things be even more exciting. 

It'll be a period in which you'll socialize a lot, and this could prove to be advantageous: parties, performances, galas, reunions, congresses - that is, activities involving a group, a public, an organization - help the good development of the current relationship or the birth of a new one.

Career & Finance

There's a top month in store for you in February 2013, but also rather complicated. There will still be ambition, energy, intellectual curiosity, ample vision, enhanced capacity to organize and manage, to launch initiatives and procedures. In addition to that, you'll find it very easy to make interaction happen (collaboration, partnerships, relationships with clients, etc.).
You'll manage joint activities admirably, you'll have the power to mobilize and lead groups of people sharing the same goals or hopes. You'll enjoy popularity, you'll be liked by fans and supported by powerful people. 

However, behind the curtains, there'll be dangers lurking and having the capacity to cause you big troubles: malevolent intrigues, gossip and rumors, subversive attacks, aggressive enemies, possible diseases. Public success mustn't put your vigilance to sleep, nor must it make you ignore the warnings of fatigue or weakness of the body. 

From the financial point of view, fortunately things will go well in February 2013. 

Decisions must be considered carefully, regardless of the field: profession, money, private life. 

Fitness & Morale
You won't lack energy in February 2013, but with retrograde Mercury, Mars, Chiron and Neptune in one of the medical houses of Aries, in the following six or seven weeks health could be affected (accidents, poisoning, infections, acute diseases, painful fits, bleedings, burns, scalding, etc.). 

Avoid excesses and imprudence, be careful when traveling!

Advice for Aries in February 2013

Don't rush to statements, don't commit indiscretions! Silence is golden.



































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