Love & Relationships

Mars, Pluto and Saturn will play a decisive role in your relational life: Pluto will be in Cancer's house of couples, Saturn is the ruler of Cancer's house of couples and now it will be in your house of love, and Mars is the master of Cancer's house of love! Mars, Pluto and Saturn are sober and harsh planets though, which don't really play games, which want to be in control and can cause problems when they are placed disharmoniously. 

In February 2013 the three "tough" planets will get along very well, which is to your advantage. Thus, a certain period will start defining in which you'll be able to settle the small or the big problems of the couple, in which situations can stabilize, the relationship can be improved, or you and your partner can join powers so that you can build something together. All in all, it's about responsibility, maturity, focus and perseverance. When the relationship is too burdening,
the decision of ending that particular chapter could be made. However, even if everything is correct and stable, there is the possibility of some emotional frustration. 

Career & Finance

A good month from the professional point of view, even if it is rather hectic. On an ascendant trend, you can now work on the success of February 2013, as well as on the success of the following three or four months. 

More intense activity could come from the area of studies, business trips or of the connections between career and distance/foreign countries, higher educational institutions or the cultural environment. The importance of knowledge, of trips, and of broader horizons for the social-professional status will be highlighted. 

February 2013 will be interesting as regards collaboration: there will be contracts or partnerships involving notions such as rigor, reliability, effort. Demands will be big, relationships can be a bit too inflexible, terms a bit too confining, but the results for the long term will be worth the effort. The challenge for you will be to find the right way
between the old and the new, the creative and the precise, the independent and the disciplined. February 2013 is a promising month as concerns investments and extra income (collaboration, scholarships, gifts, sponsorship, etc.). 

Fitness & Morale
You won't be exactly in your top shape, especially in the first two deaconates of February 2013. It would be wise if you spared your strength and protected yourself. 

There'll be a predisposition towards nervous tension, intellectual exhaustion and troubles related to trips. 

Be careful when you walk or drive and when you handle dangerous objects!

Advice for Cancer in February 2013

Ask and you will be given! (especially at the material level).



































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