Love & Relationships
It seems it will be quite a peaceful month, with no out-of-the-ordinary events. The couple's preoccupations seem to go mainly towards the practical aspects of life: money, calculations, daily tasks, various procedures. 

February 2013 will be a month in which things will be weighed, evaluated, settled. For example, it'll be appropriate for setting the financial strategy of the couple or for assigning tasks to each of them. 

If you're single, love won't probably be the top preoccupation these weeks, or value (especially from the material point of view) might have the highest importance when making your decisions. For you, the ideal partner needs to meet two main demands: financial stability and the sense of responsibility. Be careful about one thing: February 2013 will mark the beginning of a more difficult period at the level of communication.
Therefore, make sure you make yourself clearly understood and listen to the other one patiently, in order to prevent possible confusion or drawing wrong conclusions. 

Career & Finance
At last, you'll have some good news!

With the Sun and Venus in Capricorn's house of money, February 2013 will be a generous month, and the harmonious aspect Jupiter will make with the Sun and Venus promises chance with financial matters, especially where work and duty are involved. 

You'll also do all right from the point of view of actual work, of reaching objectives, of status and prestige, and things will develop positively, even if you're not in the spotlight.

Otherwise, in February 2013 you'll be quite busy, you'll travel, initiate procedures, try to convince people, negotiate, etc. You'll do routine work, and you'll make various arrangements that will pay off in the future. It's not excluded that during these operations, some misunderstandings
and confusion appear. The tandem Mars-Mercury in Capricorn's house of mind and communication lends vigour to thinking and strength to arguments, but it also causes irritability which can harm work relationships and can lead to rush decisions. 

One more thing: beware of papers and documents! 

Fitness & Morale
All in all, in February 2013 you'll do well, especially physically speaking. You'll have vigour, resilience and work capacity. 

The weak point will be the nervous system. It could be about exhaustion, restlessness or irritability. You'd better have more sleep and take Magnesium supplements. 

You're recommended to be very careful when traveling and when handling dangerous objects because there's a risk of accidents. 

Advice for Capricorn in February 2013

Keep the good relationships with your siblings, colleagues, neighbours!



































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