Meryl Streep: One of the best dramatic performers in Hollywood

                                  Meryl Streep in Vanity Fair                                            Meryl celebrating Boss's Day like a boss

You don't have to admire the political record of the former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, to appreciate Meryl Streep's virtuoso performance in 'The Iron Lady.' Rarely has such an instantly identifiable Hollywood film star disappeared so completely into a role as challenging as this one.

The film portrays a Margaret Thatcher long past her prime; retired from public life, grappling with dementia, struggling to determine if the husband with whom she so affectionately bickers is real or just a ghost. But only through a series of flashbacks do we see the 'warrior' who launched battalions, crushed unions, and shrugged off the deaths of 10 Irish Republican hunger strikers.

           Meryl Streep and Hollywood great, Sophia Loren                              Meryl Streep, winning a Golden Globe

Meryl Streep has been in the acting business for a very long time and has developed and honed her talents to the point where she can easily be described as one of the best dramatic performers in Hollywood. When you've been nominated for 16 Academy Awards, and been awarded two of them, your status in the industry must surely be at the very top.

For many of Hollywood's actresses over 50, it must be quite daunting trying to maintain your position in a youth-obsessed culture. However, Streep has not only continued to secure premier roles, she just seems to get better and better. From “The Deer Hunter” to “Kramer vs. Kramer,” “Mama Mia” to “The Iron Lady,” Streep has been thrilling audiences for years.

                Meryl Streep at the Premiere of The Iron Lady                                      Meryl Streep in St-Petersburg

“The Iron Lady” has drawn some fire from critics who say it glosses over Thatcher's historical record, presenting her as a dotty old-timer instead of a driven ideologue. Streep's portrayal of the divisive leader has changed her view of the real Lady Thatcher. And she pointed out that Thatcher's views on subjects like abortion and gay rights were more nuanced than many people realized.

        Streep as a jailed Australian mother, in A Cry in The Dark                            Meryl Streep as the Iron Lady






























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