The UKTSPAA displays a little bit of the history


The UK Theatre School Performing Arts Academy is a bridge for the gap between drama clubs and the further education performing arts establishments. It was the Principal, Lizanne Thomson, who noticed a clear gap in the education system to provide the correct training for young people who are looking to advance within performing arts. The UK Theatre School Performing Arts Academy opened its doors as an independent Drama and Musical Theatre school within the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (RSAMD), now known as The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS). [...Read More Here...]

London Film School most international in the world


Since 1956, the London Film School has trained thousands of directors, cinematographers, editors and other film professionals who are now working within the profession across the globe. It is the most truly international film school anywhere in the world, with over 70% of its students coming from outside of the United Kingdom. And this diversity fits very well within the melting pot that is London. [...Read More Here...]

Full Sail takes you into recording studios to build career


Full Sail’s Recording Arts Degree Programme is an intensive audio education course that takes you into the recording studio to teach you skills that can help you to build a successful career within the recording industry. The programme will help you to learn to record, mix, engineer, produce, and create music and sound for the music industry, movies, video games, and commercials. [...Read More Here...]

TMS establish itself as market leader in popular music


The Tech Music School (TMS) is an established market leader in popular music education, delivering professional, real world training for performers, producers, songwriters and business entrepreneurs.
With 30 years of experience, TMS prides themselves on high quality teaching which supports the development of technically accomplished and versatile graduates who are equipped for a sustainable career in an ever changing industry. [...Read More Here...]

The Sylvia Young Theatre School still follow the GCSE curriculum


The Sylvia Young Theatre School is a specialist performing arts school offering excellent vocational and academic education to children. The school was established in 1981 in Drury Lane, and in 1983 moved to a former 1880’s church school building in Marylebone. Then in July 2010 they moved again to new premises in Nutford Place, just off Seymour Place in W1. [...Read More Here...]

The Dance Matrix is Britain’s leading network


The Dance Matrix is Britain’s leading national network of leisure dance professionals providing an unrivalled range of professional services to the UK dancing public, the soon-to-be dancing public, the dance profession and industry, commerce, and the media. [...Read More Here...]

































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