London Film School most international in the world

   Ridley Scott, a graduate of the London Film School                           LFS MA filmmaking students

Since 1956, the London Film School has trained thousands of directors, cinematographers, editors and other film professionals who are now working within the profession across the globe. It is the most truly international film school anywhere in the world, with over 70% of its students coming from outside of the United Kingdom. And this diversity fits very well within the melting pot that is London.

The London Film School is one of only two graduate schools recognised by the UK film industry training body as a Centre for Excellence. The general practice is to teach through filmmaking, on stages, and in workshops rather than in the classrooms – making the building function like a studio.  And according to the school’s executives, LFS is a living creative community, not just a short term 'immersion experience' or a commercial training product.

The LFS is a very independent non-profit school, run by passionate and experienced filmmakers, with 18 full-time tutors and a varied and hugely talented group of visiting lecturers, technicians and artists. The school’s website gives information about their MA programmes in Filmmaking, Screenwriting and Film Curating, as well as their expanding range of professional development courses.

Choosing a film school is always a big decision, and you may want to visit them or talk to a student or a graduate about the courses that are on offer.   






























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