TMS establish itself as market leader in popular music

                  A Tech student performing on stage                     A graduation performance of the Tech Music School

Full Sail’s Recording Arts Degree Programme is an intensive audio education course that takes you into the recording studio to teach you skills that can help you to build a successful career within the recording industry. The programme will help you to learn to record, mix, engineer, produce, and create music and sound for the music industry, movies, video games, and commercials.

By undergoing the Full Sail programme, you can work on the same audio equipment the professionals use, gain knowledge from industry-experienced instructors, and develop your talent for the recording arts. The programme will also allow you to explore audio creation in an array of large recording studio environments, production studio settings, and digital audio workstation labs.

Learn how to use a variety of audio editing platforms like Digidesign Pro Tools and Apple Logic, and recording consoles from Amek, SSL, Tascam, Sony, and more. In this way you can earn your Recording Arts Bachelor's Degree in 20 months with Full Sail's accelerated curriculum. For more information about Full Sail's programs, courses, and studios, as well as details about financial aid and career development, visit their website.































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