The Dance Matrix is Britain’s leading network

Adult students going doing their paces at Dance Matrix         Young Dance Matrix students rehersing for Cats

The Dance Matrix is Britain’s leading national network of leisure dance professionals providing an unrivalled range of professional services to the UK dancing public, the soon-to-be dancing public, the dance profession and industry, commerce, and the media.

The Matrix represents some of the UK’s largest and most successful dance schools and clubs in Britain and counts among its key members a number of national, international and world champions as well as some of the world’s most sought after lecturers, exciting exhibition dancers, authoritative and recognised writers, popular promoters, best bands, definitive DJs, trusted technicians, top teachers, world class coaches and prestige marketing professionals.

The Dance Matrix bridges the gap between leisure dancing and the business of leisure dancing, and quite simply, they offer the best because The Matrix comprises the best.































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