Is the circus a dying form of entertainment?

                     A Circus Master at the finale                                              Lion tamer riding one of his circus lions

It has now been 21 years since the European Circus Festival in Liège was launched, and although it was a daring venture to begin with, it has become a resounding success for Stefan Agnessen. And as the years have gone by, this festival has become the biggest current traditional festival in Belgium and one of the most prestigious and oldest in Europe.

     Baby, the circus elephant during a performance                                            Mardi Gras in Liege

The European Circus Festival is based on the simple principle where the spectators are invited to vote for their favourite performance over the year, and the most popular acts will win the golden star, the silver star and the bronze star, which is awarded in January of each year.

Clown, jugglers, acrobats, trapeze artists, horses, lions and tigers and a spectacle of great illusions, worthy of the greatest shows from Las Vegas, all perform one after another to make the programme a dazzling extravaganza.

             Barren Carrousels, aerial circus artists                                              One of the festival finales

And exclusive to this year's event is Karah Khavak Jr and the temple of “Indiana Jones,” with the mystery of its special jungle, which will not fail to appeal to the audience. The circus is always accompanied by a real orchestra, performing underneath an eye-catching and comfortable big-top.

This dazzling event is famous for putting on two showings for its audience per day, in the Avroy Park, which is in the heart of Liege.

                          A Circus Master at the finale                             A different version of the traditional trapeze artist






























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