Love & Relationships
Relationships will be the focus of attention in February 2013 too: friendship, collaboration and, of course, couple relationships. The involvement will be big, and the way to approach relationships will stay rather subjective, in spite of the demand for lucidity and reason.
Some disturbance can occur on account of the different objectives (you'll set certain main aims in this period, while your partner will have other priorities) or on account of the interference of professional problems with the private area. 

In addition to all this, there will be the anxiousness, haste and irritability generated by the conjunction made by Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) with Mars. 

There is the possibility though for you to find ingenious solutions to solve problems, and there are favorable areas to sentimental enhancement, such as the one of friends and social activities, of cultural-intellectual preoccupations, of principles and shared ethical values, or of trips. 

The first decanate of February 2013 can cause happy events to happen, under the trine Venus, the planet of love, will make with Jupiter, the ruler of Gemini's house of couples. 

Career & Finance

Gemini's house of career, goals and fame will focus a lot of strength and a lot of ambition in February 2013. It is as if you decided to risk it all in order to reach your objectives, to prove what you are worth and what your skills are.
The presence of the dynamic and competitive Mars in Gemini's house of career will be especially motivating, and together with it there will be Mercury too, the ruler of Gemini, which lends even more weight to facts. 

Moreover, Mercury will start the retro gradation cycle, due to which it will stay in the social-professional area of Gemini for an unusually long period (February 5th - April 14th 2013), insisting to impose its point of view. 

The month February 2012 and the following weeks will require effort, stress and struggle. Discipline, patience, moderation and constructive vision are all factors that help progress, while indiscipline, haste, lack of measure and aggressiveness can cause you serious troubles. The relationships with bosses and authorities need to be treated with diplomacy. Foreign countries, long-distance
relationships, studies and cultural-intellectual activities will bring satisfaction. Money will come according to the effort made.

Fitness & Morale
Stress will be your number one enemy in February 2013. And too much stress can alter the physical equilibrium, especially in the context of Saturn's presence in Gemini's house of health. 

You'll have energy, because Jupiter in Gemini will lend you vigour, but this won't save you from diseases. 

You need an organized life, with no excesses and imprudence, rest and nervous relaxation. 

Advice for Gemini in February 2013

Plan important actions carefully!



































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