Love & Relationships 

There couldn't have been a more promising month! The Sun, Leo's ruler, will be right in Leo's house of couples, in the happy company of Venus, the planet of love and harmony! 

And that's not all: Venus will make a splendid trine with Jupiter, the Greater Benefit and at the same time the ruler of Leo's house of eroticism, located itself in a happy house, that of hopes and of fulfilled dreams.

Therefore, there's some accomplishment in store for you, an accomplishment related to love and couple, or at least a happy and delightful period, in which you're on the same wavelength with the dear one. You'll hopefully look towards the future together, you'll make plans, and your initiatives will be carried out successfully. If it so happens that
you don't have a partner yet, meeting the right person is more than likely in February 2013, and the factors which favour it are mainly friends, social events where a lot of people gather (shows, galas, conventions, etc.) and group activities in general (at a club, a foundation, an association, etc.). 

Career & Finance

February 2013 will be especially marked by collaborators and team work, being auspicious for associations and partnerships, contracts, counselling or public relations. You'll find it very easy to get close to people and to make them trust you, which can also bring you social contacts useful to your future professional development. 

Another advantage of February 2013 is that it ensures support and understanding from superiors, capable of helping you to reach your goals. 

February 2013 foreshadows to be very active from the financial point of view, as well: Mars and Mercury will manifest energetically and insistently in one of Leo's two houses of money. Mars and Mercury are especially interested in business, investments, banks, insurance, accessing non-refundable, scholarships and sponsorship, maybe even in inheritance, retrocession, partition. The
impulse of taking action is strong, but it needs to be under control and it requires thorough preliminary analysis for cancelling risks. Discipline, clarity and legality will be essential. 

Fitness & Morale
You'll be in a pretty good shape in February 2013, but somehow under tension. You'll be restless and worried. 

Avoid crisis situations and don't do anything that might harm your equilibrium and health! 

If you happen to suffer from any chronic ailment, have your necessary medical check-ups done and follow doctor's instructions exactly. 

Advice for Leo in February 2013

Socialize as much as possible, make new friends!



































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