Love & Relationships 

A wonderful period! St. Valentine loves you. With the proud Sun and the seductive Venus in Libra's house of love, in February 2013 you'll be among the privileged of the zodiac. 

The trine Venus will make with Jupiter will bring an extra chance in the first part of February 2013, somehow connected to studies, trips or intellectual-cultural activities, which can have a beneficial influence on the affective life. 

Relationships will also be connected to work though, because Mars, the ruler of Libra's house of couples, will be in the area of jobs and daily responsibilities. Therefore, you might study, work, travel or open your spiritual-cultural horizon by the side of the dear one, or meet the dear one during some activities related to these preoccupations. 

Communication with the person by your side is an important issue and it will be so by April 2013. Beware:
for many Libra people, in February 2013 there can appear complications regarding health or the partner's workplace. The problems seem to be solved with the help of family and/or money. . 

Career & Finance

February 2013 will mark the beginning of a very busy or hectic period, which will last by the middle of March 2013. It's good to know, so that you can make plans, because only thorough planning and rigorous discipline will help you go over these weeks.

There will be challenges, emergencies and troubles about communication and means of communication, documents, papers, office machinery. It's good to always have a spare solution handy and not leave things for the last minute.

Turbulences will come on account of the presence in Libra's house of work of Mars and Mercury, which is in the retro gradation cycle. 

Mars and Mercury can also be very productive, of course, and they could bring you satisfactions, including of a financial nature. Accomplishments will depend on trips and
collaboration, and work will have an important aspect that will use initiative, the spirit of command, competitiveness and intellectual activities, editing, oratory, information, hand skills, agility and adjustability. 

Success will be facilitated by the sense of opportunity and by the capacity of showing/promoting your talents. 

Fitness & Morale
A warning signal is necessary here. In February 2013 there's a rather high risk of exhaustion, sickness, accidents. 

Don't expose yourself, avoid excesses and stimulants, and lead an organized life! It's not the right time to experiment things at your cost. 

Have some rest, and when needed, go to the doctor's without delay. Don't take risks!

Advice for Libra in February 2013

Keep thorough record of your papers and documents, make backup copies of all important documents!



































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