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An “extras” agency’s advertising claims were misleading

            Emily Riley, on the books of Extra Factory                 Molly Nash, one of the extras on Extra Factory's books

An “extras” casting agency that was formed in 2009, that has been claiming that it has provided extras to television series such as Hollyoaks, and Emmerdale for more than a decade, has been ordered to amend its “misleading” website information. The Advertising Standards Authority ruled that Extra Factory must not exaggerate their experience as a company and not imply they supplied people to production companies if they did not have evidence to support that.

The ASA has made its ruling after campaigner, Clive Hurst, challenged the company on the wording used on its website. The company has labelled itself as one of the most successful extras and casting agencies in the United Kingdom.

The company’s website claimed: “We have been providing film and television extras for well over a decade. We regularly supply extras, actors, voiceovers and models for many of the main channels such as the BBC and Sky.” The website also featured logos of shows such as Hollyoaks and The Bill. However, Hurst challenged the company on four points, all of which have been upheld by the ASA.






























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