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A naked Amanda Palmer video is censored by YouTube

          A picture from Amanda Palmer's new video                                Singer, song writer, Amanda Palmer

A recent Amanda Palmer video has been age-restricted by YouTube. She is certainly no stranger to controversy, so perhaps we shouldn't be shocked that Amanda's video has fallen foul of the video police. The artful promo for her single, Want It Back, which hit YouTube not too long ago, features a naked Palmer lying in bed as the lyrics of the song are scrawled across her body in time to the tune.

It’s not the first time that YouTube has taken this action. Madonna's own “Girl Gone Wild” video was famously censored by YouTube. YouTube's explicit video policy means that the online giant doesn't usually age-restrict material before it is uploaded, but they do react to the volume of consumer complaints.

Some senior music label executives in the UK such as Universal Music chairman & CEO, David Joseph, have called for the site to take a more proactive stance, adopting a similar parental advisory/EXPLICIT warning system like that used by iTunes. Palmer's latest is certainly a catchy number, but the video is probably not suitable for general consumption, especially if you can see the words 'pubic hair' written in a sensitive part of your viewing.






























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