Love & Relationships
February 2013 will mark the beginning of an important period for relationships: Mercury, the ruler of Pisces' house of couples, will reach precisely Pisces where it'll stay almost twice as long as it usually stays in a sign (February 5th - April 14th 2013). In this interval it'll start its retro gradation movement (February 23rd - March 17th) and will form two conjunctions with the fierce Mars, also located in Pisces (February 2nd - March 12th). 

February 2013 will be a busy month, scattered with incidents, challenging and stressful from all points of view, but especially for relationships. Don't make any final plans, because nothing is certain, but don't leave things as they come either, because they could go crazy! 

Mars is passionate and impulsive, Mercury is playful and eager for experiments, but the way they are configured
could give birth to misunderstandings, contradiction, fights or even breakups. You'll take on provocations too easily and you'll judge things too subjectively. Things would be better if you analysed them before taking action, if you listened to the other one patiently and thought reasonably. You can solve many of the couple's problems with wisdom and patience. 

Career & Finance
February 2013 will be hectic and disturbing: Mars, the planet of initiative, action and competitiveness will be exactly in the sign of Pisces, together with Mercury, the ruler of the mind, words and trips. You cannot just sit around, even if you wanted to. 

You have to get involved, fight, or at the least, take action. Challenges won't stop coming. It'll be the right period for energetic procedures, for contacts and information. 

Beyond a certain physical dimension (Mars needs clear objectives), in February 2013 it'll be obvious that intellectual preoccupations and the role of communication will be underlined. You'll take courses, you'll learn a foreign language, give a lecture, edit an important paper, etc. Mail and trips will always be in the background, because at least a part of the interests will have to do with foreign countries or with long-distance collaboration. If you take
action methodically and moderately, February 2013 will be efficient and could be very productive. Impulsiveness could bring unwanted conflicts, with risks of breaking off contracts. 

Finances will depend on your initiatives, but there will also be episodes of genuine chance. 

Fitness & Morale
Be thoroughly organized so that you don't end up being pressured by time. Have enough rest, cut down on stimulants, take vitamins and minerals (especially Magnesium and the complex of vitamins B). Exercise! 

You're recommended to be very careful when driving and when handling sharp, hot, or explosive objects. There's a danger of accidents, infections, and inflammations. 

Advice for Pisces in February 2013

Don't rush, don't expose yourself, don't risk, don't fight!



































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