Love & Relationships
With two very energetic planets in the relational houses (Jupiter in Sagittarius' house of couples and Uranus in Sagittarius' house of eroticism), the new, the unexpected, adventure, and passion can come into your life. 

If we also take into account the fact that the ruler of Sagittarius' house of couples, Mercury, will keep busy around the impetuous Mars, which is the ruler of Sagittarius' house of eroticism, we already have a much clearer idea about the sentimental potential of February 2013. 

Therefore, get ready for action! Lively actions, scattered with hot moments and spicy events, but also with various incidents, maybe even with jealousy fits, fierce arguments, errors, lack of timing or misunderstandings. One thing is for certain: you won't get bored in February 2013! 
However, if you're involved in a relationship you care about, you're recommended to try and keep it harmonious and not take any provocation. Just let it be sometimes! 

Troubles, if they come, seem to be related especially to home, parents or properties. 

Career & Finance
The interval will be especially favourable to intellectual preoccupations, to gathering, processing and sharing information, to reading, writing, and to lectures. The month February 2013 will nevertheless be as appropriate for commercial and accountancy preoccupations, for trips taken to personal interests, business meetings and negotiations. 

In this period you can take profitable trips and you can meet nice people you can develop collaboration relationships with at a later date. Collaboration will be something ordinary and they will generally go well. 

However, in February 2013 there will be the risk of some divergences, especially when it comes to premises and patrimony, or caused by past misunderstandings, not properly solved at that time. Things can be solved by
means of communication, with calm and benevolence, so avoid rushing to statements or launching accusations before you understand what it is about; nor should you react impulsively when collaborators have the tendency to act like this.

Financially, the situation will be satisfactory, and some aspects can even be successfully solved. Discretion helps. 

Fitness & Morale
Although health needs to be kept under observation all throughout the year 2013, still, February doesn't seem to be a troublesome month. On the contrary, the planetary aspects allow some medical solutions to be found, where necessary. 

Information, reading and conversations can have a positive impact on health and physical shape. 

Advice for Sagittarius in February 2013

Be careful when it comes to accommodation, premises and properties! There's a risk of damages, technical disorders, incidents.



































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