Love & Relationships
In spite of the need for peacefulness and security, you might get some action, and a loud one even. Scorpio's house of couples seems to be calm in February 2013, especially as regards marital relationships or even the ones that are not official, but which are stable and go back a long time. 
Scorpio's house of love and eroticism overflows with adrenaline and desire for adventure. It's the house of free love, of falling in love, of hot affairs or affairs that experience the first thrills of pleasure. 

Mars and Mercury want action and changes, being ready to react at the slightest stimulus. Under such a configuration, you could fall in love rapidly and passionately, but you can as rapidly get into trouble.

It's not a good time for you to commit any imprudence (such as endangering a serious relationship for a fleeting one, trust a person you don't know, have unsafe sex or resort to who knows what crazy thing in order to amaze or conquer). 

However, if you know what you do and where to stop, go for it! The point is that you mustn't allow it to get out of control. 

Career & Finance
In February 2013 you can make the most of your talent and capacity to express yourself. If you have a creative profession or you want to highlight your potential, to promote your image, aptitudes and creations, you'll have enough energy and creativity to do an excellent job.

February 2013 will be interesting for artists and sports people, for those who work in the entertainment industry, for teachers or for those having a position connected to the protocol or to representation.

Financially, things will look good. It is to be expected for extra income from side sources to appear, an important gift or a benefit coming through other people (associates, the couple partner, parents, institutions, etc.). 

Investments will be favoured in February 2013, especially the ones related to home, to properties, to patrimony goods
or durable goods, the matters having to do with some premises or rentals will also look promising. 

Fitness & Morale
It's time you changed a few things in your lifestyle. These changes have to about discipline and a way of using the extra energy, for example sport, dance, etc. 

You'll greatly need exercise, but beware, because there's also the risk of accidents in February 2013. 

If you're a pregnant woman, be cautious! 

Advice for Scorpio in February 2013

Do something nice for your parents or for a relative of yours.



































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