Love & Relationships
It'll be a romantic period for you, of great sensuality, but of great emotional sensitiveness also.

You can easily oscillate between exaltation and sadness or disappointment. You might have moments in which you only see the positive side of things and moments in which you only see the negative one, moments of maximum openness and moments of reserve or block.
No matter how good your born psychological balance is, it could be disturbed now, when it comes to relationships and especially to love and couples. 

One way or another, the others will take part in your sentimental life: friends, society, groups. Under no circumstances could one speak of discretion or isolation, on the contrary, everything will take place publicly, with an audience, with mediators or intermediaries. 

February 2013 seems to underline the importance of communication: there will be a lot of discussions within the relationship or around it, older subjects will come back to attention and will be intensely debated, etc. 

Trips and money have special relevance in February 2013.
Career & Finance
With the shiny Sun and Venus (the Lesser Benefit) in Taurus' house of career, February 2013 is a month that will highlight you very well professionally speaking and can bring you the accomplishments you're dreaming of. The more so as for Taurus people Venus has two more important qualities: it is the ruler of the star sign and holds the supremacy on the house of work.
Therefore, you can expect success, praise, honours, prizes, the consolidation of your fame - even a promotion, who knows. 

Your work will be appreciated and well rewarded financially: February 2013 will be generous, especially in the first part. Manage your money moderately though, because the coming weeks can bring along some misunderstandings, delays or unexpected expenses.

Collaboration relationships will have an important say in February 2013. There can appear team projects for the long term, proposals for contracts or associations with sober people or with official environments. All this will require clear communication, the establishment of some final terms, sensibleness and diplomacy. 

Fitness & Morale
Physically speaking, in February 2013 you'll be in a good shape, even if it is sometimes inconsistent, the over-activity periods alternating with the ones of tiredness. 

Your mood could be oscillating also, with happy days and days with no mood for anything. 

Try to enjoy the small daily good things, go out more often, listen to music, have aromatherapy and massage sessions. 

Advice for Taurus in February 2013

Set new objectives at the social or professional level!



































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