Love & Relationships
What an exciting period! Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, will enter Virgo's house of couples where it'll stay for a much longer period than usual (February 5th - April 14th 2013), highlighting the couple life. By the side of Mercury there will also be the dynamic and passionate Mars, located in Virgo's house of couples between February 2nd and March 12th 2013.
The tandem Mars-Mercury is full of initiatives and will probably try to lend a concrete shape to the romantic tones coming from Neptune, which is still in Virgo's house of couples for the long term (2012 - 2024). Sentimental dreams can turn to reality for some Virgo people, especially since the triad Mercury-Mars-Neptune is strongly supported by the reliable Saturn. 

However, there will also be Virgo people, by no means only a few, for whom reality will turn to illusion, and dynamism can become destructive (there's a stressful aspect coming from Jupiter, which is precisely the ruler of Virgo's house of couples). 

Faulty communication, impulsiveness, lack of measure, ambiguity, lies, betrayal and immorality will be severely punished. Certain people, issues or conflicts from the
from the past could come back to attention. 

Career & Finance
Last month's over load and stress have been left behind. February 2013 will be much more relaxed as regards responsibilities.
With Venus in Virgo's house of work, the tasks will be easier, nicer or will stimulate the aesthetic sense and artistic talents. The Sun, located also in Virgo's house of work, will make the best of your image, prestige, leading and organizing abilities. 

But the most important astral feature of February 2013 will be the special chance which the trine between Venus and Jupiter will provide for the career, an aspect that is not only beneficial by excellence, but also takes place in vocational sectors. So keep your eyes wide open and seize chances, especially in the first part of the month! 

February 2013 will be very active as regards contracts, collaboration, public relations and relationships with the others, generally speaking. It could be productive and could bring you useful contacts. Beware, though: it can also be marked by competition or conflicts. Accurate information,
well-thought strategy and good timing will favor success. And successful work draws money. 

Fitness & Morale
Although hectic and stressful, the month February 2013 doesn't seem to pose problems. On the contrary! 

The Sun and Venus will favour procedures related to health, will bring solutions and excellent contacts in the medical environment. Moreover, the Sun and Venus support initiatives related to hygiene, cosmetics, and aesthetics. 

Venus is a bit over delighted by food delicacies, though...

Advice for Virgo in February 2013

Express yourself clearly, listen carefully, avoid conflicts!



































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